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Biographie She seemed to wake up, but spontaneously turned around, put her arms around him, found a comfortable position in his arms, and rubbed against him. It seemed to be just a very ordinary night. He used to sleep peacefully here, but tonight is different from the past. The person who had been thinking about her for many years was in his arms, and the air in the room still had the taste of love. He bowed his head and kissed her gently and gently on her face. She seemed to wake up slightly, and there was an ambiguous gasp between her lips and teeth. Read it. He called out her name again, but there was only the sound of her long breathing in the room. There was a gentle smile on Liang's lips. He held her contentedly and murmured a few words in her ear. Then he went to sleep contentedly. When I woke up again, it was noon the next day. Liang Yifeng has always been self-control, every day the time to get up and sleep is fixed, today is the only day to break his biological clock of embarrassment, but the people in his arms are still in a dream, Liang Yifeng originally wanted to get up, but did not dare to move. Four layers of curtains cut off the shallow sunlight outside, making it difficult to distinguish between dawn and dusk for a while. Liang Yifeng stretched out his hand and took the mobile phone on the bedside table. Looking at the time, it was already more than ten o'clock. And Zhong Nian is still sleeping deeply. Liang Yifeng rubbed her with both hands, and as he rubbed her, he had a bad idea. In the final analysis, men are all bad. What's more, the beloved woman is lying in her arms without anything. When Zhong Nian woke up, Liang Yifeng had already attacked himself. Uh She opened her eyes with difficulty. "Slow down." Liang Yifeng moved slowly. But he moved.. It's too slow! Just a little bit,plastic trash bins, just a little bit, she was about to arrive, but he kneaded it just right and refused to let her arrive. Zhong Nian's whole body was as unbearable as if there were countless ants crawling. She scratched his back with her fingers and begged him with her eyes like silk. Liang Yifeng can't stand being scratched by her. A few minutes later, the two men held each other and shivered. · It's almost afternoon when I really get up. Zhong Nian has something to do this afternoon. Uncle Shen Liangyi will go back to China today. Zhong Nian has to go to the airport to pick him up. Then they go back to Zhong's home in the countryside together. As early as half a month ago, Shen Liangyi called Zhong Nian. His tone was cheerful: "I bought a lot of things back. Your mother must like it." "There's nothing at home. Do you have to bring it from abroad?" Zhong Nian sighed. She was afraid he was too tired. "Just come back. Why do you have to bring those things?" Shen Liangyi's tone is heavier, "what do you know, I buy cheap and easy to use here!" This is the biggest difference between young people and the older generation. Young people believe in online shopping, fast shopping,stackable plastic pallets, go out to travel mostly light; The older generation, on the other hand, stubbornly believes that what they buy is not as good as what they buy at home, and that even buying from other places is not as good as buying locally. It's not good or bad, it's just the difference in consumption between the two generations. Today happened to be the day when Shen Liangyi returned to China. Zhong Nian pulled his suitcase and was ready to go out. Liang Yifeng, who was sitting on the sofa and solemnly reading the newspaper, looked up and said, "Are you leaving so early?" "Well, my uncle's flight arrives at four o'clock in the afternoon." "I have to pick him up at the airport first," Zhong Nian said as he changed his shoes at the entrance. Liang Yifeng shook the newspaper, coughed lightly, and stopped talking. Zhong Nian cried out in her heart. She stood at the entrance and looked at him from afar. He lowered his head and his thin lips were tight. The shallow sunlight outside fell on his face and cast a shadow on the bridge of his nose. This man never shows his emotions. But in every tiny and imperceptible change, Zhong Nian can clearly capture it. So at the moment he is unhappy, sulking, this kind of sultry and childish behavior, Zhong Nian is too clear. She put down her suitcase, collapsible bulk container ,collapsible pallet box, crossed her hands in front of her chest, looked faintly at someone in the living room who was extremely childish, and said, "If you have time, will you go to the airport with me to pick up my uncle?" In the last two words, she lowered her voice, with a hint of compromise and coquetry. As far as Liang Yifeng is concerned, it is very useful. He held the frame, and then looked at her with a very reluctant expression, the tone is also arrogant, "I see, I work at seven o'clock in the evening, seems to have some time, OK, go.".
” “……” Zhong Nian pulled the corners of his mouth and showed a cold smile, which was similar to his usual smile. Liang Yifeng, who had been seen through, touched his nose and hung up his eyebrows. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." Zhong Nian knows his shameless ability, and he can't compare with him, so he gives up decisively. She turned to open the door, and Liang Yifeng pulled her suitcase out. On the way to the airport, blue sky and white clouds, clear sky, Zhong Nian lowered the window, revealing a narrow gap, cool breeze slowly jumped into the carriage. The road was empty, and in fine weather, Zhong Nian's voice sounded slowly: "I have no plans to let my family know about me and you for the time being." Liang Yifeng's heart was cooled by the chilly spring breeze. Even so, he asked her patiently, "Why?" Zhong Nian spoke very slowly, and his voice was scattered in the wind, fragmented: "Wait until after this year." Her voice was slurred, as if she were covering something up. But Liang Yifeng is really not very clear, after thousands of sails, in the end what can become the fetters between them. Liang Yifeng glanced at her a few times, and when he was facing her line of sight, he was cleverly evaded by her. His intuition was wrong, but Zhong Nian was not the kind of person who was easy to fool, and he could not ask any more questions. At the airport, Zhong Nian pulled his seat belt, lowered his eyes and said, "I'll go there first, later.." She took a deep breath, then looked up at him and said, "Let's just say we met." Liang Yifeng frowned, apparently on the verge of rage. Calmly, he asked her, "Give me a reason, give me a reasonable reason." "You'll know when you see your uncle." Zhong Nian dropped such a sentence and ran out of the car. Liang Yifeng was left in the carriage by her,plastic pallet bin, looking at the position she had done, and even left her residual temperature on it. He pondered over the words she had left, and finally he came to his senses. 
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