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Biographie Harmony between man and nature, the baptism of the soul, is there any place in the world I can't go? Huan, you seem to have lost weight. Do you miss me? Tian Hen's face was only an inch away from Zi Huan, and her breath was interlinked. Zi Huan felt a burst of fever all over her body. She stammered, "Who, who misses you?" Tian Hen smiled and said, "Really?"? All right, let me test it. The warm lips met the cold, the fire melted the iceberg, and in the body of the Transformers Ice God, they forgot everything. Only the Star Mark landed quietly in a mountain depression with the Ice God in its arms like a coolie. Small! Say !txt! God . Don Chapter 193 the secret of the Demons? Everything returned to calm, purple magic body flushed lying in the arms of the sky mark, closed his eyes feeling the mood fluctuations brought by the lingering charm, the sky mark combing her long purple hair with pity, "am I too impulsive?" Zihuan opened her eyes, glanced at him and said, "You're dead. I knew you didn't have a good heart to bet with me.". I just helped Xuemei revive,drum spill pallet, and I didn't have much rest. Sky Mark Hei Hei smiled and said, "Your husband's body is made of iron. What else do you need to rest?"? However, you still have shortcomings in the application of power. If every attack contains some mental power, I will not succeed so easily if I perceive my exact position and the effect of attack and defense through mental power at the same time. Mental strength is still very important. You should practice more in the future. Luo Jia is good at this. Under the same circumstances, it is very difficult for me to make her lose control of her body in ten minutes. In the near future, I may leave again. You can discuss with her more when you are free. The title of soul sacrifice is not called for nothing. Hearing that Tian Hen still wanted to go, Zi Huan suddenly woke up. She looked at him with burning eyes and said,plastic pallet crates, "Do you still want to go?"? Where to go? There was a flash of cold light in Tian Hen's eyes and he said, "After I killed the Demon King and successfully controlled his body, I realized that my previous judgment was wrong.". It's not that the Demons don't want to get rid of humans quickly. It's not that they want to play a game of cat and mouse. There's a reason why they haven't attacked directly and in a big way. And that reason is the secret I want to explore. Zi Huan hesitated for a moment and said, "What did you find?" "The moment I completely destroyed the spirit of the demon king, I read something from his memory that was about to dissipate," said Tianhen. These things are very important to us. There seems to be a ritual going on inside the Demon Clan, so their superior demons did not attack us, and the importance of this ritual is even higher than that of invading human beings. It is precisely because of the existence of this ritual that they only launched a tentative attack on us to see how human beings should deal with it. That's all I've got. If we can disrupt the ceremony, then. It is bound to be a great blow to the Demons, so that they can naturally slow down the pace of human aggression, or even completely destroy it. "Since it's a ceremony," said Zihuan. It must have been carried out within the Demons, but it is impossible for us to enter the Demons to discover and destroy the ceremony! Tianhen sighed lightly and said, plastic pallet price ,collapsible pallet bin, "This is the opportunity we have to wait for. When I go back, I will appear in the form of Dracula XIII and use the body of the Demon King. With the body of the Demon King in human society, I will attach great importance to him as a spy within the Demons.". There must be a way to get in touch with him, so our chance will come. These three days, you have been staying by my side and did not go out, we hurry back now, although Melis took over the Dekucunla family, but the family did not know about Dekunla XIII. As long as the arrangement is good, it is entirely possible that we will not be found by the Demons.
I have to do this, and I think you will support me, right? Zihuan said worriedly, "However, if you deal with this matter in this way, you must take risks. There are more powerful demons in the Demon Clan, and even the existence of the Demon Monarch. If you really go inside them, I'm afraid.." Sky mark eyes reveal a confident light, "rest assured, even if there is a demon monarch, I can not fight, will not run?"? And before I go, I will go to Mingcai Star to look for the relics left by the Demon God. If I can get a few more items of the Demon God, my strength will be greatly increased. All right, let's go back first. Sky mark did not return to his own star mark, with powerful space powers, he actually put the star mark directly into his own space bag, although this will consume a certain amount of energy, but carrying the star mark is always advantageous. When he returned to the castle of the Josie family, the sky mark had become Dracula XIII again. The body of the demon king was really strong. He put his life brand in it. His strength would not be reduced, but his defensive power would be enhanced. The sky mark came directly to the spire of the soul and summoned all the women except Xuemei. Under the consolation of Luojia, Xuemei had already understood the whole story. Because she had just had a new body, she had fallen asleep at this time. The sky mark directly told what he had said to Zihuan again, and after listening to his story, the four women were silent. They all understand the importance of this matter, of course, also understand the danger. "I have made up my mind on this matter," said Tian Hen thoughtfully. I wanted to take you there, but it was too difficult to hide my identity. Therefore, you must stay here and wait for news. Melis, what's the status of the Dracula family? Has the last rape been dealt with? Melise nodded and said, "It's been taken care of. The six men were executed in front of all the officers and soldiers. But some of the people in my clan asked about the whereabouts of Dracula XIII. I didn't tell them. I just used high-handed means to stabilize them first.". As you know, strength is everything in the dark world,plastic pallet bins, and with our vigorous means this time, they dare not say anything. The complaints of the soldiers of the Josie family have disappeared because we have dealt with this matter in time, and we have settled all the female soldiers who have been injured. 。 
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